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Kleentech Guardrails

  • €000

Kleentech Bollards/Guardrails are designed to protect key locations within an industry or site where protection against impact or abrasion is required in any element: walls, pillars, doors, restricted areas, aisles, entrances, machinery, people.

Single or Double Guardrails and High Barriers Available the below sizes:
Height of: 125mm, 175mm, 400mm, 800mm & 1200mm.
Lengths of: 500mm,1000mm,1500mm & 2000mm

Parts can be easily assembled and disassembled.
Rounded design for easy cleaning.
No oxidation parts.
The barriers do not transmit the impact to the floor, avoiding floor breakages.
Use Temperature Range -50ºC+60ºC.
Protect from Trucks, Forklift Trucks, Pallet stackers.
New option, Guardrails with rounded edges.
Cap Red as standard.