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Kleentech Super 2.5mm Wall Protection Panels **Special Order**

  • €000

Kleentech Super Wall Protection Panels

• Hard acrylic coating
• Resistance to UV rays
• Resistance to dirt
• Very high resistance to damage
• Easy to clean

**Due to the Variety of colors available, please note Wall Protection Panels are Special Order only & require payment in advance of orders been placed, lead time of 2-3 weeks for delivery on all orders, please call us on 059-9144055 for pricing**

The product is addressed to protect building walls, where high risk of wall damage or getting dirty, mainly caused by people,  forklift trucks or pallet trucks passing by, may appear.

The product is made of vinyl resin with the additive of acryl and, additionally, covered with the innovative outer acryl layer on both sides. The material possesses even higher hardness and is more crack- resistant than our standard panel. Thanks to this combination, a really hard surface that is resistant to scratching or getting permanently dirty has been obtained.

The acryl surface makes the material catch almost no dirt and it is easier to clean. Strong industrial detergents can be used for its cleaning.

Thanks to a wide colour range, it is suitable for interior finishes and design of public places such as : health care centers, schools, offices, shopping malls, hotels or even houses. The acryl layer makes the material UV radiation- resistant, as a result it does not decolour while being exposed to sunlight.

It is recommended for straight walls with homogeneous structure. It is available in two assembly versions: self-adhesive and with the use of an assembly glue.

Size: 300cm x 110cm - The cutting service available.
Thickness: standard 2,5mm

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