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Kleentech Antimicrobial Wall Protection

  • €11999

Kleentech PVC Hygienic Wall Protection systems is a superior solution to impact and abrasion when daily wear and tear can compromise hygiene spaces.

When fully protecting a workspace and ensuring that your working environment offers superior hygiene standards, it’s important to consider the performance of every surface. Of course, along with Kleentech Resin Floor Systems and Hygienic Doors, this includes hygienic wall protection. Here at Kleentech, we offer our clients a premium range of proven textured wall protection systems that protect against harmful bacteria such as E.Coli, Influenza and MRSA, all while providing an impact-resistant and hard-wearing composition that is scratch-resistant too, for a long lasting, high quality wall protection system.

At Kleentech we’re proud to provide our clients with a superior hygienic cladding solution by using antimicrobial protection for walls and doors. Protecting hygienic spaces against the threat of typical bacteria including MRSA, E.Coli and Influenza, it can be thermoformed to provide a seamless finish.

Unlike standard wall and door protection, using antimicrobial technology to reduce microbes by 99.9%. Antimicrobial PVC hygienic wall protection is hard wearing to withstand damage, boasts a textured finish to camouflage scratches and comes in a range of colours to match architectural design schemes.

Size: 3050mm x 1220mm
Thickness: 2mm

Fire Behaviour:
UK - BS 476 Part 6 and part 7 Class 1 / 0 (when bonded to non-combustible substrate)

Chemical resistance: Antimicrobial Wall Protection is resistant to a wide range of chemicals found within the medical, healthcare and food production industries.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Regular hot soapy water is sufficient for regular cleaning and a mild cleaning product such as Jif/Cif is suitable for stubborn marks. Mild solvents may also be used but NOT an abrasive cleaner. Steam cleaning is suitable under 60˚C and power hosed no closer than 600mm.

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