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Nitoseal MS100 White Sealant 380ml

Nitoseal MS100 White Sealant 380ml

  • €949

Nitoseal MS100 is a one-part, primer-less, damp tolerant, non-staining facade sealant producing a tough, durable elastomeric seal.


  • Will not stain masonry, marble or other surfaces.
  • Excellent primer-less* adhesion to most common building materials.
  • Can be applied to damp substrates
  • Fast neutral cure.
  • Highly flexible with excellent application characteristics.
  • Low odour, environmentally friendly.
  • Low modulus and high movement capabilities.
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Performs as an acoustic sealant
  • Good adhesion to silicone, polysulphide or polyurethane contaminant.

Nitoseal MS100 is a tough, durable elastomeric joint sealant. It is based upon hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. It is suitable for use over a wide range of external and internal building applications and has excellent weather resistance. Nitoseal MS100 has excellent primer-less adhesion to a wide range of common building substrates and does not stain concrete, marble and other masonry surfaces.

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