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1,000 Gauge - Polythene Film (Roll) 3.5m x 15m

1,000 Gauge - Polythene Film (Roll) 3.5m x 15m

  • €2435

  • lour Black
  • 1000 Gauge. Product is non reinforced polythene film. This versatile heavy duty polythene sheet can be used on building sites, at home, and in the garden.
  • Black polythene deteriorates at a much slower rate than clear polythene so can be left exposed to the elements for longer periods, so this film is a more lasting alternative.
  • High Quality Membrane Providing an effective Barrier against Liquid, Moisture and Water Vapours for the lifetime of the Concrete slab laid over it.
  • Exceptional tear resistance and tensile strength
  • This roll is 3.5m by 15m multi-fold. CE quality mark.
  • Trade Standard Product which is also Ideal for the DIY market.
  • Durable polythene film for use on building sites or general areas where strong cover or underlay is required.

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