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Single Guardrail

Single Guardrail

  • €000

Kleentech products are designed to protect key locations within an industry or site where protection against impact or abrasion is required in any element: walls, pillars, doors, restricted areas, aisles, entrances, machinery, people…

High-density Polyethylene Plus guarantees enormous flexibility and resistance.
Aseptic product, it can suffer aggressive atmospheres, or cleaning actions with detergents and aggressive products. Ideal for the food industry.
The yellow and red colors allow perfect visibility.
Steel anchoring system, very resistant and interchangeable, to facilitate its replacement if necessary.

Construction Features
Made entirely of high-density Polyethylene Plus
Manufactured entirely in pigmented mass so that the color is not altered by scratches or bumps.
Design that prevents the accumulation of water, it is removable and reusable.
Fixed by means of steel rods, which guarantees an extremely resistant anchorage.
Our high-density Polyethylene Plus complies with the requirements established for materials that are going to be in contact with food (CE) 10/2011 and (CE) 1935/2004.
Suitable for Manual Pallet Trucks

•Sliding door leaves.
•Walls and corridors.
•Perimeters of electrical panels.
•Machinery that may be at risk of impact.